Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Raul Cuesta

“Malaventura” is a film provoked by the discovery of a clandestine “Cantina” thas exists in the downtown of Mexico City and operates without permission. An incledible scenario that caused the desire to write a screenplay by Michael Lipkes and to me to take photos of the filming. It was there that I discovered a singular world of lonely old men who gather daily in secret corners of the area, they have to play a secret password to enter to this “Cantina” and stay there to see each other, drink and talk continuously. The Downtown of Mexico City is so full of unexpected faces, faces marked places. All the characters in the film are real, and Michel discovered something in them, in the canteen and in the surrounding streets and took them as part in his film without being prepared actors. Three weeks of watching and taking pictures of feeling faces. I look and I wonder how will I be when I become old.

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