Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ilde-The hell there

A few meters from the border and the Spanish-Moroccan, a woman wipes the sweat with a dirty handkerchief, carried a package tied with ropes on his back hunched, and weight "Bulto" is almost the same as your own.
Every day, Monday through Friday from 6 am until 11 noon hundreds of Moroccans in the esplanade of Chinatown in Melilla, Spain Border with Morocco, to carry as beasts of burden with all packages types of objects, shoes, blankets, clothes ,.... should know that and go further.
Morning hundreds of women in commercial premises are located two kilometers from the yard to ensure a package to be able to pass contraband in Morocco.? Healthy young men have it easier, just before of new trucks and motorcycles are starting to fill the esplanade of packages to about 200 meters from the border, before the vehicles Parini, the porters are cast on the packages is the law of the strongest women almost never possible with a "Bulto", which is why they go to commercial ships.? For every package, some may reach a weight of 100 pounds, women can receive between 2 and 6 euros per day. The "Bulto" is paid according to weight terms, and thus the money is deducted and the rate they have to pay the Moroccan police clandestinely. Most of these women are unmarried, poor, and have sat repudiated. For the hell these women exist.

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